Mechanics of a ring structure subjected to multi-pairs of evenly distributed equal radial forces 
作者Q. Chen; F. Sun; Z.Y. Li; L. Taxis; N. Pugno
期刊名称Acta Mechanica Sinica
摘要Combining the elastica theory, finite element (FE) analysis, and a geometrical topological experiment, we studied the mechanical behavior of a ring subjected to multi-pairs of evenly distributed equal radial forces by looking at its seven distinct states. The results showed that the theoretical predictions of the ring deformation and strain energy matched the FE results very well, and that the ring deformations were comparable to the topological experiment. Moreover, no matter whether the ring was compressed or tensioned by N-pairs of forces, the ring always tended to be regular polygons with 2N sides as the force increased, and a proper compressive force deformed the ring into exquisite flower-like patterns. The present study solves a basic mechanical problem of a ring subjected to lateral forces, which can be useful for studying the relevant mechanical behavior of ring structures from the nano- to the macro-scale.
关键词Ring structures; Mechanical properties; Shape; Strain energy

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