Strength and deformation behaviors of veined marble specimens after vacuum heat treatment under conventional triaxial compression 
作者Haijian Su; Hongwen Jing; Qian Yin; Liyuan Yu; Yingchao Wang; Xingjie Wu
期刊名称Acta Mechanica Sinica
摘要Mechanical behaviors of rocks affected by high temperature and stress are generally believed to be significant to the stability of certain rock projects, such as nuclear waste storage and geothermal resources exploitation. In this paper, veined marble specimens were treated to high temperature treatment and then conducted to conventional triaxial compression tests to investigate the influence of temperature, confining pressure and vein angle on the strength and deformation behaviors. The results show that, strength and deformation parameters of veined marble specimens change with the temperature, presenting a critical temperature of 600°C. Triaxial compression strength for horizontal vein (β = 90°) is obviously larger than that for vertical vein (β = 0°). Triaxial compression strength, elasticity modulus, secant modulus present an approximate linear relation to the confining pressure. Finally, Mohr-Coulomb and Hoek-Brown criteria were respectively used to analyze the effect of confining pressure on the triaxial compression strength.
关键词Veined marble; Conventional triaxial compression; High temperature; Vein angle; Hoek-Brown criterion

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